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Jose Oribe world-class concert-quality classical guitars and flamenco guitars. Handmade craftsman quality professional guitars since 1962

Jose Oribe
José Oribe

José Oribe and Family live in Vista, CA

Their home, in a private community with lakes and trees, is both a home and a workplace, for it is here that the world-famous Oribe Guitars are created. Like the Oribe guitars, their home, shop and lifestyle reflect a balance of beauty and function.

A childhood plagued with illness and hospitalization created in José Oribe the determination to succeed. Realizing that he could not excel at traditional sports, he turned his attention to being a master pool player and he succeeded. Later, as a young machinist, he discovered the classical guitar. Becoming proficient as a guitarist, he turned his attention to creating a finer instrument. He combined his technical knowledge of tools and tolerances with determination, self-discipline and sensitivity to produce the finest classical guitars and flamenco guitars used by artists worldwide.

Jose and Juanita Oribe
José and wife Juanita

Oribe classical guitars