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Gallery of Artists

Throughout the years we have taken many photos of artists that we have met in our shop and in our travels. Sorry to say a few of these artists have passed away but many are still with us and going strong. To those who recognize many of these artists in their early days we hope you will find this collection as memorable as we do.

Al Franky, singer/guitarist
Las Vegas, NV

Angel Romero

Byron Tomingas

Ako Ito in concert at Oribe's

Roberto Rico

John Kovach

Celedonio Romero

Bunyan Webb

Leonard Chattle

Celin Romero

Clark Allen

Richard Rios

Jose with Miguel Rodriguez, 1961
Cordoba, Spain

Robert Torres

Roberto Perez

Jose with Ignacio Fleta & Son, 1967
Barcelona, Spain

Mario Escudero with Oribe #5, 1963


Mel Hallam

Mark Mancina, Movie Composer

Enrique Heredia

Luis Garzon

Juanita & Vicente Gomez

Ted McKown, Blanca Luz & Eugene Cordero,
Entertaining at the Oribe's

Evangelos & Liza Zoe,
The Athenian Duo

Vicenzo Macaluso & Joe Trotter

Julio de los Reyes &
Regelio Regerra

Eugene Cordero

Earl Klugh & Jose

Howard Heitmeyer &
Robert Torres,
Entertaining at the Oribe's

Howard Heitmeyer

Conde Hermanos at work, 1961
Madrid, Spain

Juan Orozco, & Juan Parra

Dave London & Leonard Chattle

Fred Noad & Howard Heitmeyer
in Concert at Oribe's

Thom Rotella

Manuel Lopez Ramos

Michael Lorimer

R.J. Fox, Las Vegas, NV

Jim Faucett

Aaron Shearer

Peter Pupping

Jiro Matsuda, Japan

Jose & Mr. & Mrs, Landstofer, 1967
Maker of Machine Heads, Germany

Ted McKown

Chet Atkins & Jose

Jose & David Brian, Actor

Jordan Charnovsky

Jose & Sabicas

Pepe Romero

David Tenenbaum

Joe Trotter

Luisa Triana, Flamenco Dancer

Esteban of Phoenix, AZ & Segovia

Ron Purcell

Vadah Olcott Bickford

Diego Oribe, Jose's Father (1963)

Nick Bonney

Peter Evans
Roger Gillespie

Miguel & Ruben Romero,
Santa Fe, NM

Vince Terry

Vicente Gomez 1972

Patrick Read

Vito Mumulo, Jeronimo Villarino & Jose,
at the opening party of Oribe guitars, 1962
Lou V. Johnson

Don Wilson

Ted Owens

Antonio Montesione

Juanita & Chris Montez

Vicente Gomez

Dave Cooke

Hal Clement, Newscaster

Rene Heredia & Sabicas

Paul McGuffin

Gene Malm

Jose Oribe & Angel Romero

Paul Szmanda

Almer Imamovic

Derek Burrows

Richard Podolor

Juanita on camera with PBS

Checking sound levels for a PBS Spotlight presentation
 Karl Garrett
Karl Garrett
Celia Linde
Celia Linde – A visit from Sweden
Scott Lentz
Scott Lentz